Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Holiday Event Planning in Toronto

As it is July 1st (Happy Canada Day to my countrymen and women) I thought it would be appropriate to write a little something on holiday events. 
It's no longer uncommon to have a wedding or social event on a long weekend. With a few tips and ideas you can ensure your guests have a good time and don't resent you for taking away their long weekend!

1. Let your guests know 3-4 months in advance rather than the standard 2-3 months. Many people, particularly in the summer months, plan their full holidays around long weekends. You want to give them ample time to re-work their schedules.

2. Acknowledge the fact that it is a long weekend and use that as a selling feature. You may want to incorporate the holiday into your event.

3. Play up your event--make it sound exciting and make it worth missing a cottage getaway.

4. Don't take up all 3 days of the long weekend with your event--let your guests have a day to themselves.

5.  Finally, accept that some guests, no matter how fabulous your event plans to be, will not be able to make it. Don't take it personally!
Happy Holiday!