Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hot time--It's Summer in the City!

As Toronto finally (!) gets the heat wave we've been waiting these long months for, I've got brides having outdoor weddings calling in a panic asking me 'how do I keep my guests cool???'
If you're having an outdoor wedding, this is crucial. 
Make sure you have plenty of cold water available for your guests. You can have the bottles placed in a beautiful basket or cooler which matches your theme and/or colours. There are so many cooler options these days that a little forethought will get you the perfect cooler for your wedding.

Another idea to keep your guests from fainting is to buy some inexpensive fans and have them on each seat. Too many guests? Have them on every other seat or in a basket by the entrance. Again, you can customize your fans by adding a ribbon in the same colour as one of your florals. 

It's often these little touches that will make your wedding memorable--in a good way!

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Happy Planning!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hiring a Wedding Coordinator

Hiring the right Wedding Coordinator can take your wedding day from Extra-headaches to Extraordinary!
She or he can offer advice, financial tips, and support during the planning process. Whether you're hiring a coordinator to help you with the entire planning process or whether you're just looking for help on the Day Of--you want ot hire someone who is going to take away your stress-not add to it!
I always suggest meeting with any prospective planners. Particularly if you're looking for more than just Day of Coordination. You want to make sure that you and the planner make a positive first connection. Remember your planner is going to be your best friend over the next 10-12 months so you want to make sure your personalities and your styles mesh. Just like a good pair of shoes--you'll know the perfect fit right away!

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