Monday, December 15, 2008

Thank You Schulich School of Business at York University

Thank you to the wonderful students at the Shulich School of Business at York University for their kind invitation to have me speak at their Entrepreneur Night. It was a pleasure meeting the future entrepreneurs of Canada!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Quick Tip: Conferences

If your conference runs over more than one day, be sure to have regularly scheduled breaks and at least one 'social activities' night. Even if you have a tight schedule and an end goal for the conference, try to give people some time to socialize. We all know that many of history's greatest deals have been made with a relaxed chat over a nice bottle of Merlot. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Logo!

I am thrilled to announce the new logo for Type A Events. 

Many thanks to the talented graphic designer Isabel Grosse-Holtforth in Munich, Germany for her many hours of dedicated work. For other examples of her work take a look at

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Florals for Fun!

One of my favourite things to do is helping clients choose their florals. Whether for a wedding, a social event, or a corporate event, florals can add a unique touch to your event.

Options! Options! Options! That's the overwhelming task in choosing florals.
I always recommend meeting with your florist to discuss the florals that will be in bloom during the season of your event. Let your florist know your colour scheme, your budget, and the types of arrangements you need. Don't be afraid to ask for less expensive options within the same family--you can often have flowers that are of the same hue and which vary widely in cost. 
Also, try using trees and foliage as accents to the flowers you choose--branches are an exciting accessory to your arrangement.

As always, whether it's a private or corporate event, try to make your floral arrangement an exciting and unique addition. 

Hire an Event Coordinator to help you navigate through the garden!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Gifts for Guests

I often get asked to recommend gifts for guests (bonbonnieres).
Whether it's for a wedding or for an event, I also suggest starting with thinking about the overall theme and 'feel' of the event.
The term 'out of the box' is overused these days, but I like to use it literally when thinking about gifts for guests--it's time to give out something that cannot fit in a box.  Let me give you an example:
A recently married couple, whose wedding theme was 'Evergreen',  gave out small Evergreen trees that could be planted and that could grow alongside their marriage.  This was relatively inexpensive and a wonderful way to bring the theme of the wedding together.

How about an example from the Corporate World:
A company celebrating a successful quarter wanted to give back to their employees and special clients.  The company gave out high-end bottles of champagne with two champagne glasses--so the 'Celebration' could continue at home.

The world of gifts has moved way beyond chocolate truffles and personalized wedding coasters-embrace the options!

Weddings Weddings Weddings!

Hi everyone-
Apologies for the time in between blogs-it's been a busy season!
I'm about halfway through the wedding season--and have already begun work on the upcoming corporate season--the cycle never ends.

So far this year's brides and grooms haven't disappointed with their enthusiasm and creativity. I've been reminded why I wanted to be an event planner in the first place. Whether it's unique place card holders, or cultural additions, I've been fortunate to work with some wonderfully creative and open-minded clients this summer. 

I remind my clients as much as possible that this is their event--it should reflect them. Their choices should be personal and meaningful.
Here's my big tip: Make your event one that you yourself would want to attend.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Holiday Event Planning in Toronto

As it is July 1st (Happy Canada Day to my countrymen and women) I thought it would be appropriate to write a little something on holiday events. 
It's no longer uncommon to have a wedding or social event on a long weekend. With a few tips and ideas you can ensure your guests have a good time and don't resent you for taking away their long weekend!

1. Let your guests know 3-4 months in advance rather than the standard 2-3 months. Many people, particularly in the summer months, plan their full holidays around long weekends. You want to give them ample time to re-work their schedules.

2. Acknowledge the fact that it is a long weekend and use that as a selling feature. You may want to incorporate the holiday into your event.

3. Play up your event--make it sound exciting and make it worth missing a cottage getaway.

4. Don't take up all 3 days of the long weekend with your event--let your guests have a day to themselves.

5.  Finally, accept that some guests, no matter how fabulous your event plans to be, will not be able to make it. Don't take it personally!
Happy Holiday!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hot time--It's Summer in the City!

As Toronto finally (!) gets the heat wave we've been waiting these long months for, I've got brides having outdoor weddings calling in a panic asking me 'how do I keep my guests cool???'
If you're having an outdoor wedding, this is crucial. 
Make sure you have plenty of cold water available for your guests. You can have the bottles placed in a beautiful basket or cooler which matches your theme and/or colours. There are so many cooler options these days that a little forethought will get you the perfect cooler for your wedding.

Another idea to keep your guests from fainting is to buy some inexpensive fans and have them on each seat. Too many guests? Have them on every other seat or in a basket by the entrance. Again, you can customize your fans by adding a ribbon in the same colour as one of your florals. 

It's often these little touches that will make your wedding memorable--in a good way!

Contact Type A Events for more ideas on how to keep your guests cool and happy!

Happy Planning!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hiring a Wedding Coordinator

Hiring the right Wedding Coordinator can take your wedding day from Extra-headaches to Extraordinary!
She or he can offer advice, financial tips, and support during the planning process. Whether you're hiring a coordinator to help you with the entire planning process or whether you're just looking for help on the Day Of--you want ot hire someone who is going to take away your stress-not add to it!
I always suggest meeting with any prospective planners. Particularly if you're looking for more than just Day of Coordination. You want to make sure that you and the planner make a positive first connection. Remember your planner is going to be your best friend over the next 10-12 months so you want to make sure your personalities and your styles mesh. Just like a good pair of shoes--you'll know the perfect fit right away!

Contact Type A Events today to book a free consultation appointment. or 416 804 1831

Welcome to Type A Events!

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